Dancer, choreographer, visual artist, author, storyteller and percussionist, Alexia Traore is a multidisciplinary artist. The different facets of his sensitivity give rise to shows, performances, exhibitions, installations and publications.

Improvisational dancer inspired by traditional repertoires from Africa (Egypt) and Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan), she weaves a minimalist and poetic language. Far from the
beaten track, his choreographies and staging celebrate the living essence of musical and dance traditions. A fusional link between dance and music permeates his creations.

Visual artist, Alexia Traore draws from the body, its history and its environment the materials and modes of expression of her research. Installations, photographs, videos, sculptures… Her visual works explore movement, intimate and collective memory, and the female experience.

His creative process, intimately linked to Sufi spirituality, evokes the mystical ceremonies of the whirling dervishes, and the gyratory movement of the universe. Solo or with many international artists, she creates unclassifiable performances, bridges between several cultures. His works have been the winners of several calls for projects and supported by various creation aid schemes: PROXIMITY CULTURAL ENDOWMENT (2011-2023) CMTRA (2017) CHANTIERS DE BABEL (2019) SPRINGBOARD YOUNG CONTEMPORARY TALENTS (STUDIO CLUB, 2020) , LE COMPTOIR D’ALINEA (2022), SPEDIDAM / AID FOR INTERNATIONAL MOBILITY (2023)

Poly-phonies, bodily and plastic poly-semias… Through the plurality that crosses it, art by Alexia Traore questions human identity in its construction, complexity and richness.


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