« Your house is your largest body. It grows in the sun and sleeps in the calm of the night; and it has its dreams. Your house does not dream? And dreaming, does it not leave the city for the forest or the hilltop? ».
Khalil Gibran

The khaïma is the nomad traditional tent of the deserts of Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco. In this installation, the dance performance takes place inside of a home and echoes a language, expresses a voice.

“One of my friends would describe me as ‘nomad in my own home’. Indeed, I have a hard time keeping my home unchanged, my furnishing is minimal and mostly related to music and dance. My few pieces of furniture move around often. I live in a journey.”

In Khaïma, the form is marked by mobility. The dance performance inhabits the former body of a house (the materials are recycled pieces of furniture). It reinvents, embodies and shows its story. Created for the Nuit Blanche 2019 in connection to the show WISSAL.

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