Music and dance instruments abandoned in the middle of their existence, before they could accomplish their destinies. Unsuitable, worn, sometimes dangerous…

Dance words appear on the skin or metal they are made of, creating a dialog, both permanent and interrupted.
These silent objects hence become the echo of a poetic, coded, cathartic speech.

Similar to an awakening, they enter a new dimension, away from their original purpose and their long uselessness. A silence on a silence. A story overcoming a story.
Ghazal of Silence, profound poetry resonating within the perfection of particular silences.

« In a period of my life where I was contemplating space, choices, and fate, I started looking at the objects around me outside these problematic due to their uselessness. Useless music instruments, dance mats from previous dance pieces whispered their secrets to me, as if their silence had a hidden meaning. Their silence gave me a free expression and transformed my own silence. They resonate in a cycle, an endless stream of words that couldn’t be uttered, a continuous and invisible dance, like a breath, and a whirl. These transformed objects have in common is verticality outside the silent spiral ».

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